Friday, January 16, 2009

Boldly going ...

...where literally millions have gone before.

This blog is going to be used as a log of an admittedly personal project: watching every episode, in order (intended order, not broadcast order) of the original Star Trek series. (hereafter "TOS")

When I say "personal project", don't misunderstand me. I hold myself to a great deal of scrutiny in my analysis. We will be looking at the meat and potatoes of Trek: character arcs, plot constructs, thematic content ... EVERYTHING.

This will be a great way to ramp up to the release of JJ Abram's new Star Trek film. In the interest of full disclosure, I have seen many of these epsiodes before, but not for many years. This will be a completely fresh look, as I will be writing as if through new eyes. Star Trek from the beginning. No pop culture implications or considerations.

I'll try to make this as much fun to read as I'm having watching the show!

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